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The Eisma Guest House offers various options for both private rest and larger gatherings.

There are 33 places to stay in our main house: rooms for 1, 2 and 3 people. In addition, the main building has a spacious glass gallery (75 m²), which can comfortably accommodate a group of up to 60 people.

A few steps away from the main house is the camping area. Eleven 4-person campsites with a small sauna house, utility house, grill house and hot tub form a separate complex. In addition, there is ample space for camping under the pine trees.

The large sauna house is the best choice for up to 25 people for conducting trainings or smaller gatherings. The sauna house is privately located away from both the main house and the camping area. A large sauna house with a fireplace hall (50 m2), a sauna and a hot tub offers a unique opportunity for romantics to admire the sea while throwing steam.

For summer events, there are two outdoor tents with floors under the pines overlooking the sea – 120 m2 and 210 m2. The tents are located only fifty meters from the sea, which allows you to creatively conduct both romantic wedding parties and lively summer sunset concerts.

PS! There are round tables and soft folding chairs with covers for 150 people.

The 4.5-hectare territory of the Eisma Guest House allows you to fully enjoy the nature of our beautiful Estonia.

Eisma külalistemaja

Eisma Guest House

Introductory video


On the edge of Eisma village, where there used to be a public house, and later during the USSR, the Raamatakubastu summer house, is now the Eisma Guest House.

Eisma People’s House was built by the villagers with their own efforts and resources in 1928. A few people of the older generation remember this house. A few photos and memories from grandparents remain.

The bookstore cottage and Eisma beach with the pine forest was a vacation spot for many people. They were loyal to the place for decades.

2001 at Christmas the old cottage burned down. The ruins stood until 2003. But now a modern guest house has been built in their place. The building built and furnished by AS Landvald has all the possibilities for a pleasant vacation. The old sauna has been repaired and steam thrown, and splashing with water is now much easier than before.